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Books & Publications

Please find a list of our books and publications below. You can purchase all the books through all leading bookshops. Cheat Sheet can be purchased directly from us. Please contact us for ordering. mail

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet Edition 2
Author: Uwe Wystup
Price: EUR 12.95 + postage

Foreign Exchange Risk
Author: Uwe Wystup
ISBN: 1-899-33237-5
Estimated Price: EUR 195

Equity Derivatives & Market Risk Models
Author: Oliver Brockhaus
ISBN: 978-1899332878
Estimated Price: EUR 202

Modelling & Hedging Equity Derivatives
Author: Oliver Brockhaus
ISBN: 978-1899332342
Estimated Price: EUR 203

Author: Uwe Wystup

Estimated Price: EUR 109

Equity Derivatives and Hybrids
Author: Oliver Brockhaus

Estimated Price: EUR 90

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